Capture and Proposal Support

Developing win strategies and compelling bids. When your team needs support at critical milestones, you can leverage Shipley’s world-class proposal management expertise.

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When you need help, we can supplement your existing teams with experienced Shipley trained and accredited resources.

This can allow you to avoid the expense of hiring staff or taking on full-term consultants when you do not need full-term assistance.

Consultants can be brought in to support your bid from start to finish, or to augment your own resources at various points. 

What We Offer

Qualified Capture and Bid Managers

Shipley’s capture and bid consultants are all former senior business winning professionals who know and understand about winning new business. All are accredited under the APMP’s certification programme. 

Experienced Writers and Editors

Shipley’s writers and editors are experienced bid contributors who know and understand about writing in a customer-focused manner, which will maximise potential bid scores. All are accredited under the APMP’s accreditation programme.

Creative Graphic Conceptualists and Artists

 Shipley’s graphics team members have extensive experience, across a range of industries, in developing graphics for bids. They know how to develop graphics which support strategy and are not just included to make the proposal look good.

Specialised Bid Coordinators

Shipley’s bid coordinators are experienced bid support personnel who know and understand about managing the bidding process. All are accredited under the APMP’s accreditation programme.

Specialised Bid Contributors

Shipley has a number of industry sector and/or discipline specialists in all of the above categories, in the event that particular knowledge of a sector (such as health, rail, Government etc.) or discipline (such as commercial, risk etc.) is required.


All assignments operate under our ISO9001-accredited Business Management System. We begin with a clear statement of work, defining all roles and deliverables. You can monitor progress by regular reports from Shipley’s lead consultant.

To reduce costly rework, save time, and improve proposal quality, our specialists are equipped with proven tools and templates, including the Shipley Proposal Guide, ROSE Executive Summary Builder, ROSE Bid Planning Tool and the BidBench proposal assessment tool.