Consulting services and resources

Effective business development (BD) organisations don’t just evolve - they have leaders that know how to compete and win! Shipley’s consultants understand the complexity of winning in today’s competitive markets.

Consulting Services

Proposal Development

Expert assistance in qualifying and evaluating tenders and crafting winning proposals.

Covering:  Competitive positioning. Strategy development. Winning writing techniques. Innovation in design and approach.

Capture & Strategy Planning

Early stage activity to maximise your chances of winning critical bids. Includes Shipley's proven toolkit to guide identification of key decision makers, and actions to improve positioning.

Organisational Effectiveness

Guided by the highly regarded Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM®) -  a framework that supports maturity growth through well defined, proven growth paths. It is an essential part of winning business.


All assignments operate under our ISO9001-accredited Business Management System. We begin with a clear statement of work, defining all roles and deliverables. You can monitor progress by regular reports from Shipley’s lead consultant.

To reduce costly rework, save time, and improve proposal quality, our specialists are equipped with proven tools and templates, including the Shipley Proposal Guide, ROSE Executive Summary Builder, ROSE Bid Planning Tool and the BidBench proposal assessment tool.